Devil's Claw Root - Chunks

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Devil's claw has been used as medicine by the San people of the Kalahari for centuries. It was first exported to Germany in the early 1900s and the demand has increased and expanded world wide since then. The San have used it for fevers, muscle pain, inflammation, venereal disease, blood diseases, diabetes, coughs and gout. In modern medicine it has been show efficacious for pain, inflammation and arthritis.

The tuberous root is the part of the plant that is used for medicine. It is available in capsule form from several sources. Devil's claw must be taken for several months continuously to achieve gradual relief of symptoms.

Devil's claw may interfere with some anti-coagulant drugs and it may also increase the production of stomach acid.

I do not recommend devil's claw's use in magick due to its delicate status in its native habitat. However it is aligned with the element of fire and the planet Mars and is useful for banishing, exorcism and purification.

*Packaged in a 2"X2" ziploc bag.