Elencampe Root - Chunks

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Elecampane can be used to encourage a better connection between mind and body. It is especially good for those who live in their intellect and ignore their physical health, allowing them to relax and trust their feelings a little more. It brings about balance – the healthy and normal balance between mind, emotions and body.

Elecampane is useful for those who are heart sore from being uprooted and moved away from their homes and loved ones – possibly also useful in uncertain times when things change rapidly. I rather suspect it would be a good one for those who have been thrown thither and yon by the tides of fate, bad luck, call it what you will – softening and soothing and allowing a better response to sudden change.

Elecampane is connected with the brow chakra, and therefore with intuition, clairvoyance and clear sight. It can be used in initiation rites, and possibly also to open the mind to allow better communication with the divine. Some sources say that it can be added to incenses to promote joy and love, and also used in baby blessings.

Elecampane, with its long history of use to treat illnesses caused by malevolent faery folk, can also be used to encourage and promote communication with the faery realm, especially as a flower essence. This is certainly in true Mercury style – causing and diverting the same thing. The root can be added to fires as an offering to elves, faeries and elementals.

*Packaged in a 3"X3" ziploc bag.