Depression & Despair

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Depression and Despair - 10ml

We all at times feel depressed when things seem to be negative and beyond our control. If we hit a really horrendous situation this can turn into despair. This essence tackles such times in several different ways.

This essence is not intended to treat any form of clinical i.e. chronic depression

Hyacinthoides non-scripta
Bluebell allows us to escape from feelings of self-dislike and self-condemnation which arise from an unrealistic self-image. It helps us to grow in new ways and, like the Bluebells in spring, find new colour and vibrancy in our life.

Hieracium vulgatum
Hawkweed is for when we are depressed by our lack of self-confidence, our apparent inability to cope with the situation around us. We may feel that we are lost in an alien world that we cannot understand. This essence helps us to see the world with a new vision and thereby to take charge of our lives.

Ribes sanguineum
Flowering Currant is for those who feel that they are defeated but bravely keep carrying on against apparently impossible odds. Often such people find it hard to look directly at the situation that is giving them difficulty. This essence helps them to face up to it. Very often they can find ways of dealing with what is really there.

Prunus spinosa
Blackthorn is for the depths of despair, when all seems lost with no way out of the situation - “the dark night of the soul”. Blackthorn helps us in several ways. First it helps to take the sting out of our situation, lessening our anguish. Next it helps us to see how the situation arose, so that we can avoid getting into it again. Finally, it helps us to find a way out of our emotional collapse, leading us to a new and brighter future.

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