Protection & Clearing

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Protection and Clearing - 10ml

There are times in our lives when things feel to be working against us. Protection & Clearing helps at several different levels to disperse these negative influences and bring a sense of liberation.

Robinia pseudoacacia L.
Black Locust is the key essence for protecting us from outside negative influences - including Psychic attack. This beautiful flower protects us whilst radiating healing energies to those who might otherwise take energies from us, whether consciously or not.

Anagallis arvensis
Scarlet Pimpernel frees us from negative influences by other people, usually someone close to us. It helps us to find the inner strengths needed to let go of dependant relationships. It does this whilst preventing the other person noticing the liberating changes that are taking place.

Marchantia polymorpha L.
Lichen mirrors symbiosis - that of two different energies working happily together. Lichen helps us to live happily in our environment once negative influences have been removed. When we are at ease with our surroundings we naturally feel happier, more inspired and fulfilled. Lichen helps us to relax and find fulfillment in our present situation.

Prunus taihaku
White Cherry mirrors cleansing - helping to wash away negative influences from the past. All of us, from time-to-time, find old reaction patterns from the past affecting our life. Sometimes the root cause may not be at all obvious. White Cherry helps these old energy patterns, locked in the cells of the body, to reduce and finally dissipate, leaving us free to live our life much more to the full.

Collection: Bailey Flower Essences