Agate - Green Zebra

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Zebra Agate has a special affinity with Gemini and Taurus. It has a Receptive Energy, its Planet is generally associated with Mercury (as most agates are) and its Element is Earth. It is a good aid to guard against physical dangers.

Zebra Agate brings understanding and compassion for others. It provides a contemplative attitude that allows us to recognize the deeper aspects of the loving spirit of those around us and to overlook the outer, more superficial aspects they may show. It is also a great aid in balancing personal auras. When this has been done, one will realize a protective effect which harmonizes and stabilizes our health on all levels.

Zebra Agate provides a secure and safe inner base that aids us in resisting external influences. In helping to bring about inner balance, this gem carries a most distinct effect in that it is a great aid in reducing inner tension.

Zebra Agate, like many agates, is excellent for bringing about logical thought. We become aware of simple solutions that can be put into action in a quick, but calm manner.