"Spirit of the Elements" Birthday Greeting Card

Price: $3.99

This beautiful birthday greetings card has the stunning artwork of Josephine Wall on the front and the following inscriptions inside the card:

Spirit of the Elements

Throughout the seasons, the Spirit of the Elements rises up to bring us everything we need to journey through the cycle of nature. In winter the landscape is transformed into a playground for us while nature slumbers, gathering the strength to burst forth in all its splendour at the first signs of spring. The tranquil breath of spring welcomes in the gleaming summer sun which joins with the gentle rain to bring us a myriad of rainbows. Then once again fall comes, and the growing cycle gently fades away into the sleepy season of winter until the cycle of life begins anew - each phase teaching us that life continues to change, bringing beauty and hope with each new stage of existence

As you experience the richness of life, the beauty and colors, the pleasure and strife, may all of the lessons that life sends your way give depth to your soul and add grace to your day.

Happy Birthday

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