Eucalyptus Leaf - Cut

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Eucalyptus is bound to the Moon and Water. It is used magically for protection, purification, and health. Use leaves stuffed in sachets, pillows, and charms and carry or put
in your bed to maintain good health, or anoint a sachet with Eucalyptus oil. Place leaves in a mesh bag and hang under the faucet for purification rituals.

Place leaves around the house for health and protection from illness and unwanted energies.
Ring a blue or green candle with leaves or flowers for healing energies. Cut a branch off a Eucalyptus tree and hang in a sickroom for the healing energy.

Leaves are used to stuff healing poppets and are carried to maintain good health.

To reliieve colds, ring green candles with leaves and pods, burn them to the socket, visionualizing the person (or yourself) as be completely healthy. Hang a small branch or twig of eucalyptus over the sick bed.

String the immature (green) pods on green thread and wear to help heal sore throats.
Placed beneath the pillow, the pods guard against colds.

Leaves are carried for protection.

*Packaged in a 3"X3" ziploc bag.